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Synonyms for rabbit

Synonyms for rabbit

the fur of a rabbit


Related Words

flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food

hunt rabbits

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He was 38 and a farm labourer;" or to cite another illustration, "my husband had been milking on shares." The 1066 men included farm laborers (433), farmers (431), retired farmers (30), gardeners (29), station cooks (19), station managers (16), rabbiters (10), well drillers (9), horse trainers (8), share milkers (7), and a smattering of men in each of over thirty additional occupations.
He netted the boundaries and also employed a full-time rabbiter, equipped with a horse and sulky, and a pack of dogs.
Only The Vernacular Republic (poems 1965-1976) and The Rabbiter's Bounty: Collected Poems (1991) are out of print.
The cowman, home from the shed, went drinking With the rabbiter home from the hill.
Murray's other poetry collections include Dog Fox Field (1990), The Rabbiter's Bounty (1991), and The Paperbark Tree (1992).