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having the approximate size of a rabbit

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At handgun ranges up to 20 or 25 yards, you really don't have to worry on rabbit-sized game.
She describes early animal life, such as dinosaurs, rabbit-sized camels, and elephants with teeth on their trunks.
Some inventive CGI work, such as a creature whose neck takes on anaconda-like abilities, feels closer to helmer's usual territory, which is why the cutesy elements, such as a rabbit-sized Yokai obviously made from a dime-store stuffed animal, appear so low-tech and silly.
Crosby explains that in order to hit a rabbit-sized target 12 feet distant, there is only an 11-millisecond window where we can let go of the rock and actually hit the rabbit.
They range from the man-sized red kangaroo to the rabbit-sized musky rat-kangaroo.
Living forest floors, the rabbit-sized animals are in particular danger.
He respected animals all his life and risked his life on countless occasions trying to strike a rapport with animals ranging from rabbit-sized to tigers and gorillas.