rabbit-eye blueberry

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shrub of southeastern United States grown commercially especially for canning industry

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Thus [Q.sub.1t] is rabbit-eye blueberry and [Q.sub.2t] is highbush blueberry, for t = 1,2 ,...
Then, regression equations for each blueberry cultivar were developed to predict production of rabbit-eye blueberry ([QR.sub.t]) and highbush blueberry ([QH.sub.t]) , both as dependent variable, with 2001 as year 1.
The function that best described the behavior of the production of rabbit-eye blueberry was the VERHULST (1838) logistic growth curve: [y.sub.t] = b1/(1 + b3 * exp(-b2 * [y.sub.t-1])) where [y.sub.t] is the production of [QR.sub.t] in the period t and [yt.sup.-1] is the laggard production in a period.
TABLE 1--Estimates of parameters (b1, b2, b3, b4), square means of the residue (CMR) and coefficient of determination ([R.sup.2]) for the adjusted growth models in rabbit-eye blueberry (QR) and highbush blueberry (QH).