rabbit punch

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a short chopping blow to the back of the neck

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It was a reference to Gore Vidal, at whom he threw a rabbit punch, among others.
In time, I realized that .454 Casull recoil felt sharper--a quick rabbit punch, versus a hard shove--and was actually less pleasant.
Everton's relegation battles have regularly thrown up an Easter sickener and there was a worrying sense of deja-vu when the striker, in a repeat of his dismissal against Derby four seasons ago, let his team-mates down with a scarcely provoked rabbit punch into the stomach of Fredi Bobic.
Mary Lewis, who directed the short Rabbit Punch, admitted the program's strict guidelines were challenging.
On the other side, we have the professional thinkers and writers and politicians, the people who are supposedly in business to deal with questions such as these, but whose main interest in confronting them seems not to be to push for new answers or to evaluate the suggestions that are already on hand but to use each new issue as a momentary platform upon which to display their deft cavorting, and from which to land a rabbit punch on someone else.
He added: "That's when he hit me, punched me in the eye like a rabbit punch.
Pain but no gain This picture is the very definition of a "no-win situation" as Michael O'Halloran and Gary Woods prepare to take a rabbit punch and boot to the privates respectively.
In a fight that had almost everything - a low blow, a knockdown, a rabbit punch, point deductions, and plenty of clutching, grabbing and gamesmanship - Worcester's Edwin "La Bomba" Rodriguez stayed undefeated and slugged his way into the lucrative final of the "Monte Carlo Million Dollar Super Four" on Saturday at Le Casino de Monte Carlo.
The first five rounds were measured, tactical and sometimes dirty, but things really heated up in the sixth after Hopkins went down from a seemingly light rabbit punch, then furiously went after Jones, continuing to fight even after the bell and the fighters had to be restrained by security.
Just when Emile Heskey thought he was finally getting the recognition his stand-out season deserved, fate yesterday had a smirk on its face as it landed yet another rabbit punch in the shape of omission from England's squad for their summer tour Hours after leaving the city's swanky Hilton Metropole hotel with an armful of honours from Birmingham City's end-of-season awards, the 27-year-old had been unceremoniously dumped by national team manager Sven Goran Eriksson.
Whatever, he certainly packs one hell of a rabbit punch.
WORDWISE: B WHO AM I: Tim Burton 10 QUESTIONS: 1 Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, 2 In vitro fertilisation, 3 Seven, 4 A linguistic blend of two or more words, 5 Hank Marvin, 6 Daniel Dafoe, 7 Sylvester Stallone, 8 MLA, 9 Japan, 10 Rabbit punch.
If he goes, it will be because of the chance to play in the Champions League, or about money, not because he got a rabbit punch in a bar - and I'll bet any money he's telling anyone who listens it was a lucky punch that took him off balance, and didn't really knock him down!
Alli was forced to sit out the last three games of the season, as Spurs' title challenge collapsed, after he was banned for an off-theball rabbit punch on West Brom's Claudio Yacob (right).
Thankfully, the sneaky rabbit punch was spotted by a touch judge and de Santis showed him the red card.