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an indoor TV antenna

the long ears of a rabbit

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(2004) prepared rabbit ear hypertrophic scar model by skin excisionsof 2 cm x 5 cm on ventral surface of rabbit ears.
The British royal, known for her love of crazy fascinators and headgear, sported rabbit ears and posed with a friend.
Covered head-to-toe in fur, with huge rabbit ears, a jacket and waistcoat, Claire Daley admitted she was "quite warm" in her replica of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, while the entrance hall was filled with people strapping themselves into bulky armour, wings and headgear.
Three rabbit ears were used for each group while performing main assay by increasing concentration of irritants.
Eleven-year-old Madison Knight, decked out in sequined rabbit ears, said she'd never heard of egg rolling before -- only egg hunting -- but was game to try the White House tradition.
As we understand, MSS and SBSES are more emphasized on the color and shape in the assessments, but vascularity and pliability are only for VSS, which might be more easily observed in our experiments with the rabbit ears that are composed of cartilages.
By drawing myself as a rabbit, however, I can have the cords go all the way up past my rabbit head into my rabbit ears. This dramatic representation of me and my hearing aid is more closely in tune with how it actually felt to wear a hearing aid when no one else in my class was wearing one.
Rabbit Ears is a brilliant, complex, important novel that makes readers understand and confront the dangers of the sex trade, the violation of sexual abuse and the terrors of drug addiction.
After sewing the stuffed teddy bear from a pattern for teddy bears and rabbits, I discovered I had accidentally sewn the rabbit ears onto its head.
But Grandma waggled the wiry rabbit ears the TV wore like a Sunday hat--
Very Louis Vuitton, these lacy rabbit ears, PS4 at Accessorize are sure to raise a smile on a night out Suits shoe..
In "The Guardian," a pink totem with rabbit ears and multiple eyes stands between a man wielding an axe and a field of tree stumps where once stood a forest.
on the antique TV whose rabbit ears (he's sure) are
Begone shifty rabbit ears, screen snow, rolling images,