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of or relating to rabbis or their teachings


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It seems likely that Maimonides's reworking of Talmudic language reflects his method of reading rabbinic law as addressing general principles by means of specific or local examples.
Kanievsky is a consummate halakhist with complete mastery over the entire breadth and depth of rabbinic literature.
The CJV statement acknowledged "vast theological differences" between Judaism and Christianity, yet also pointed to strong correlations between the positions of Evangelical Christians and "those maintained by Rabbinic tradition." Issues such as the definition of marriage, religious liberty, and beginning and end-of-life matters were cited as examples where the two groups find "common ground" -- given, the CJV said, that Evangelicals "are deriving positions from explicit verses in the Five Books of Moses."
Given the significance of discipline within this context, and taking the dual notion of discipline as both content and means as our starting point, we can now turn to tannaitic rabbinic literature (c.
Three chapters are published for the first time: "Introduction: Of Legal Fictions and Narrative Worlds" (1); "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Rabbinic Judaism after Sixty (Plus) Years: Retrospect and Prospect" (6); and "Afterword: Between History and Its Redemption" (25).
For example, Yifat Monnickendam has shown a level of Jewish influence on Ephrem's thought that suggests sustained dialogue with rabbinic tradition, and Sidney Griffith has argued that Ephrem saw himself in continuity with Scripture's prophetic rebuke of Israel.
This preference has a legal origin as well as a cultural one, stemming from a rabbinic prohibition on mesirah, meaning "delivery" or "handing over" in Hebrew.
The Association of Advanced Rabbinical and Talmudic Schools, Accreditation Commission (AARTS) accredits advanced rabbinical and Talmudic institutions that grant postsecondary degrees such as the baccalaureate, master's, doctorate, first rabbinic, and first Talmudic degrees.
<![CDATA[ The Lander Academic Institute and Bar Ilan University held a two day conference focusing on traditional Agaddah Rabbinic literature of legend.]]>
Thus, Jesus is seen as allied to the halakhic trajectory that would produce rabbinic Judaism and as an opponent of the Pharisees.
He devoted much of his formidable energy, however, to studying the Talmud and bringing rabbinic commentary to bear on a variety of matters that were exercising his compatriots during the upheavals of the mid-seventeenth century.
In rabbinic tradition, until the modern period, the Bar Kokhba rebellion was an utter failure.
But it is a necessary book, as it concerns the cultural importance and influence of Selden's "rabbinic writings."
Suzanne Last Stone edits RABBINIC AND LAY COMMUNAL AUTHORITY (0881259535, $25.00), a survey which presents essays covering the modern tensions shaping relations between the rabbinate and the lay community.