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spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation

a Hebrew title of respect for a Jewish scholar or teacher

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Although Fass, who subsequently contacted one of the chief rabbis and received "a sincere apology" and written clarification that his status "is not in question, or ever was," he nonetheless expressed concern for the other rabbis on the list.
While the news was clearly welcomed by rabbis--most East European Jews, after all, had little hope of gaining entry into the United States under the strict quotas--the instructions issued to consulates by the State Department demonstrated that many burdensome obstacles still remained to be overcome before a rabbi and his family members could win a coveted entry document.
What matters most is not whether a rabbi speaks about politics, but how the rabbi speaks about politics.
Married father of two, Rabbi Rose, who succeeds Mordechai Wollenberg in the post, said: "It was a great honour to be able to host the Chief Rabbi here in Cardiff.
And Beth Israel isn't the only temple now led by women Co at the newly integrated Temple Emanuel Sinai, the rabbi, cantor and both co-presidents are all female.
The original Shulchan Aruch Learning Project was founded in 2001, with the help of Rabbi Fishel Todd.
They could not imagine such informality In fact, I am happy to go by my first name alone or by Rabbi Peter.
My father is the great Rabbi, but he is partially paralyzed as a result of a stroke.
Rabbi Oshry witnessed and survived all of these events, including the liquidation of the ghetto, which he escaped by hiding in a bunker.
Some line up for hours to meet with the rabbi, who makes himself available to the public outside of synagogue services and the classes he runs, one day a week.
The Circle of the Baal Shem Tov contains Heschel's four essays on Hasidism originally written in Hebrew in different periods: "Rabbi Pinhas of Korzec," 1948-52;" Rabbi Gershon Kutover: His Life and Immigration to the Land of Israel," 1950-51; "Rabbi Nahman of Kosow, Companion of the Baal Shem," in 1965; and "Rabbi Isaac of Drohobycz," in 1957.
The adventures of Rabbi Harvey; a graphic novel of Jewish wisdom and wit in the Wild West.
What we've agreed today will provide a framework within which both practical and sometimes challenging issues can be discussed on the basis of mutual trust and respect," said Archbishop Williams, the leader of the global Anglican Communion, after signing the agreement with Rabbi Amar, the chief Sephardi rabbi, and Rabbi Metzger who represents Ashkenazi Jews, who mostly come from Europe.