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One study examined the effect of the type of adhesive and thickness of the glue line on the fatigue strength of a rabbet joint in furniture (Ratnasingam and Ioras 2013).
But when it comes to joinery, several of the most popular methods, including mortise and tenon, rabbet joints and dovetailing, have come to us straight out of history.
The improved performance is attributed to the dado joint used in the laboratory cabinets as compared to the rabbet joint used in some stock cabinets.
Ron likes to use rabbet joints for drawers, and this cargo tray is just a drawer on steroids.
The drawers are put together with simple rabbet joints. Assemble the drawers and doors with glue and a brad nailer.
I like to use rabbet joints, since they're a little stronger but still easy to cut.
It's got nailed rabbet joints at the corners, and the base is nailed on.