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Synonyms for rabbet

a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together


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join with a rabbet joint

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cut a rectangular groove into

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Eventually, the ends of the groove and shallow rabbet will need to be squared up, but I wait until after assembly to do that.
Keeping the Lucky Rabbet a one-woman operation helps Gore stay competitive and keep overhead costs low.
When you cut the back grooves, make them a hair shallower than the rabbets you cut earlier--if you go too deep, the grooves will show through the top of the chest.
Based on the industrial application and joint configuration, staples for dado and butt joints were applied at an angle while those for rabbet 1 and rabbet 2 were applied at 90[degrees] to the back member.
The rotor assembly is achieved with OD bolts and a low radius rabbet.
The actor, who found fame in the 60s as TV medic Dr Kildare, lives in Hawaii with manager Martin Rabbet.
IDAHO 4 helms, 17 furzy IOWA 4 maes mase mesa same seam, 12 Maui (RHD), 14 wock, 18 goas sago, 22 ewks skew MAINE 14 abows (OED, W2) MICHIGAN 6 mootings, smooting, stooming (OED) OHIO 23 fell OREGON 13 barbet rabbet tabber (W3) TEXAS 7 hazel, 11 lepid piled plied UTAH 10 drek, 11 elfs self, 13 hung, 20 boun WYOMING 6 costume
The V-section type, made of plastic, can be applied to the back of the rabbet into which the door or window closes, or to the side of it so the door or window compresses it.
To make a mirror frame, you'll need a table saw, circular saw, or router to cut a rabbet (notch) in the edge of the 2-by-4.
PHOTO : Woolrich has introduced The Rabbet System, an innovative system of integrated outerwear, part of the Penn-Rich Collection.
Ron likes to use rabbet joints for drawers, and this cargo tray is just a drawer on steroids.
Rout a groove in a 1x2 frame using a rabbet bit, attach the pegboard with glue and brads, then mount it to the door.
The Pioneers made the score stand and locked down the Wolverines behind big hits from Bart Chenevert, Matt Rabbet, Nelson Vega, Angel Rosario and Alex LePage.
The improved performance is attributed to the dado joint used in the laboratory cabinets as compared to the rabbet joint used in some stock cabinets.
8462V) mat board before cutting two 1/4-inch plywood boards to fit into the back rabbet of the frame.