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Synonyms for rabbet

a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together


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join with a rabbet joint

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cut a rectangular groove into

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Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS) has backed Rabbet, a US-based startup in the IT industry, according to Reuters.
(4) On the long boards with a tongue, cut a rabbet that's 5/16 by 13/16 inch on the side opposite the tongue.
One study examined the effect of the type of adhesive and thickness of the glue line on the fatigue strength of a rabbet joint in furniture (Ratnasingam and Ioras 2013).
The crack on the top interface of rabbet was generated at 240 kN when the specimen was pushed.
THE third and fourth floors of an Ayia Napa hotel were evacuated Friday night after fire broke out in the rabbet between the corridor walls.
Framing is the only career she's ever had, and she is the proud owner of her own frame shop, Lucky Rabbet Custom Framing & Artistry, which she opened three years ago in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle.
Personally, I use pocket screws or a dado and rabbet setup.
He would talk about the 'rabbet' here and the 'keel' here and the 'transom' there, and so forth.
Specifically, Taraxacum kok-saghyz, commonly known as Russian dandelion, is reported to have 10-20% rabbet content.
* Rabbet planes, used widely by cabinetmakers, cut rectangular recesses out of the edge of boards and make grooves in flat surfaces.
The rotor assembly is achieved with OD bolts and a low radius rabbet. The first three blade rotor stages are made of 17-4-PH, while X22 CrMoV 12.1 and AM355 steel are used for the remaining three parts.
The actor, who found fame in the 60s as TV medic Dr Kildare, lives in Hawaii with manager Martin Rabbet.
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The V-section type, made of plastic, can be applied to the back of the rabbet into which the door or window closes, or to the side of it so the door or window compresses it.
To make a mirror frame, you'll need a table saw, circular saw, or router to cut a rabbet (notch) in the edge of the 2-by-4.