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Synonyms for quotidian

of or suitable for ordinary days or routine occasions

Synonyms for quotidian

found in the ordinary course of events

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The Quotidian Fund's ongoing success is not isolated to its most recent year of performance.
Reasoning that Perec came of intellectual age just at the moment when a history of event was gradually giving way to a sociology of the patterns of the quotidian, Schilling chooses to focus upon those texts that the author himself designated as being sociological in inspiration: Les Choses: Une histoire des annees soixante (1965); Especes d'espaces: Journal d'un usager de l'espace (1974); and Tentative de description de quelques lieux parisiens, a project that Perec was unable to bring to fruition and which, in its very incompletion, poses interesting questions about the representation of daily life.
Since his quotidian existence largely consists of belting out campy songs and stumbling about looking "tired and emotional" you wouldn't have thought this would take too long, but he's still going.
"Up to 28,500 birds each winter", but no mention of the dearth of locally watchable birds elsewhere for the quotidian naturalist, or learner, because Martin Mere's Wildfowl and Wetland Trust's haven holds the bulk.
Stefan Behnisch, who had spoken eloquently on the specific topic of sustainability, professed himself bewildered because the quotidian reality is that, the big cities are becoming even bigger--especially in Asia.
In the Peacock Dance, a solo dancer becomes the sacred bird in its quotidian grace--walking, running, and combing its feathers.
Quotidian details are completely lacking, rendering Callie's character only vaguely discernible.
The quotidian, scientific self-sacrifice of millions of environmentalists worldwide--such as installing environmentally safe windows or investing in responsible stocks--never appears on the playbill.
Reading playfully Spicer's identification of the endemic loneliness implicit in academic research, Quotidian Queer identifies pleasure and desire at the heart of the research practice.
knowlesi in human and its natural macaque host requires [approximately equal to] 24 hours, coinciding with a quotidian fever pattern.
Unlike the Society for the Handicapped, they don't have any means of tackling their quotidian problems by themselves.
At the frontier, we can't avoid the truth; the comforting layers of the quotidian, which insulate us against the world's harsher realities, are stripped away and, wide-eyed in the harsh fluorescent light of the frontier's windowless halls, we see things as they are."
de Jongh set forth a dialogue between viewer and art work, based upon the purpose of art according to Horace, to instruct and give pleasure; de Jongh also established a method of interpreting Dutch art rooted in the symbolism of seemingly quotidian activities, often with erotic themes.
Yet the author has chosen a historical moment and used the quotidian lives of middle sectors caught in eye of an economic tornado to reflect on more profound questions about how a social class understands itself in turbulent times.