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Turning a Xero quote into an invoice takes little more than a mouse click.
Quote systems, contract management systems, order management systems, product configuration tools, enterprise resource planning systems--the quote-to-cash cycle rests on a string of disparate transactional systems and applications.
I had never heard of this reputed quote either, until I came across it recently in one of my favourite reference books--Colombo's Canad-ian Quotes, edited by John Robert Colombo, Hurtig Publishers, 1974.
would come to quote works from the early modern era, effectively inventing an English Renaissance as necessary prologue to an American one" (11).
For computer dealers, Instant Quote Professional provides an external parts browser for use with Tech Data, Ingram Micro and Cisco Systems data files.
Once a suitable RFQ has been identified, the Quote Wizard guides the estimator through the quoting process.
If the final premium quote is higher than the preliminary quote, the taxpayer is entitled to a full refund of the deposit.
We've given a description of each show, its target audience, ratings information where available and a quote from a regular listener to the program.
I took this column as an opportunity to descend upon those whose work has been a source for my own quotaholically induced scrawls over the years or those for whom the quote is a crucial medium.
com has been operating its free quote referral service, allowing insurance shoppers nationwide to find the most competitive insurance quotes in a variety of insurance lines and annuities.
Instant quote or quote by e-mail for property, general liability, professional liability, workers' comp and international coverage for businesses with less than $5 million in revenue.
com visitors are surprised at how many affordable health insurance quotes can be found with their unique quote finding system.
The Steinem quote selected by a student reads: ``A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
If you're going to make money on a processing job, few factors matter as much as coming up with an accurate price quote in the first place.
Their sophisticated payments and invoice automation solutions, combined with continued business momentum, have driven the need for more robust configuration, pricing, and quote management tools to integrate with their CRM system.