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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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Yiu's explication of S[angle quotation mark, right]seki's kanshi is engaging and thoughtful, but she offers no explanation for the distinct absence of examples in other modes, such as haiku, of which S[angle quotation mark, right]seki wrote many.
Self-reflexive" means "referring to itself," and the quotation marks along with their preceding index in the sample sentence help to indicate that the word enclosed refers to the word itself rather than to the real-world, non-verbal thing the word typically represents.
For example, one of the stories was about a boy with a football-shaped head, and it kept skipping around, it repeated everything that they said twice, and there were no quotation marks at all.
The Davidsonian account, elaborated by Cappelen and Lepore, handles many cases well; but it fails to accommodate a crucial feature of mixed quotation: that the part enclosed in quotation marks is used to specify not what the quoter says when she utters it, but what the quoted speaker says when she utters it.
A cell phone offers many inexplicables, always in quotation marks.
As you have probably noticed, in recent years we have been quite strict about maintaining the profile of CMQ as a magazine concerned with classical music (please note that I don't put quotation marks round the expression).
The quotation marks appeared only in the first published edition - are the lines to be perceived as uttered by the urn, or to the urn, or simply about the urn by an observer?
In The Continued Concern of Scientists" by Al Huebner (March/ April 2007), a number of sentences (in their entirety or with slight modifications) and phrases were taken directly from The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney (2005, Basic Books) but not indicated with quotation marks.
They might not realise that if you don't put things in quotation marks and refer-ence them, you are commit-ting some form of plagiar-ism.
Use double quotation marks to enclose phrases and solicitation numbers.
A distinctive feature of On the Run with Dick and Jane is that quotation marks are omitted from the spoken dialogue, lending the tale elements of a stream-of-consciousness feel.
Quotation marks have a specific function in searching, which we will look at later in the article.
One other thing should be noted: In the subtitle, Robeson places "liberty" in quotation marks.
The dance sequences are similarly presentational--dance numbers clearly enclosed by quotation marks.