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a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

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We take from Davidson the focus on quotation marks, rather than on the expressions inside the marks.
The inclusion of less-frequently examined works from S[angle quotation mark, right]seki's early period provides the dual benefit of introduction and exposure, as well as broad support for Yiu's thesis, the analysis of which she successfully sustains for the duration of Chaos and Order.
Here, the name of the play doesn't have a question mark in it, so the punctuation goes outside the quotation mark.
However, chapters in a book, articles in a periodical, and episodes in a television series are enclosed in quotation marks. Look at the following examples, as well as Figure 30.3.
The guy insisted that commas go outside, not inside, quotation marks. Smith circled all the examples he found in The New York Times and Shakespeare of the correct usage.
The quotation marks are appropriate--but let's go back to the root of the problem, using a simple fairy tale to illustrate a critical point.
Major daily newspapers across the country have used the term gay marriage without quotation marks in their news coverage, but one Arkansas paper decided that could amount to activism.
Records for most of the items can be found by going to corsair.morganlibrary.org/ and doing a "Keyword or Phrase" search for "mog and music" (without the quotation marks).
In the short section on the Middle East peace process--this appears between obligatory quotation marks to signal the authors' disapproval of non-force-based tactics--there is no mention of the burgeoning initiatives on both the political left and right in Israel and within the military to come up with new thinking.
Ever since I saw a mailbox bearing the legend The "Smiths," I've noticed errant quotation marks everywhere.
Just send the message "subscribe Works4Me" (without the quotation marks) to Lyris@list.nea.org.
For this reason alone, the present broadly theoretical yet rigorously argued investigation of the European discovery of "India" (a purely subjective concept and hence almost always in quotation marks) provides a flesh perspective on the way we in the West have come to think about ourselves and the world.
I applaud Ted Williams for the placement of those quotation marks, and all they imply.
I place quotation marks about the word because what Vidal offers is what may be better termed an "alternative history," a history refreshingly bereft of the mythologies and shibboleths about what many of us think was "true." Vidal has been called a modern La Rochefoucauld, but he is also an American Bernard Shaw, i.e., he is unafraid to explore the most important subjects of religion and politics with a sharpness and penetration most rare.