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Synonyms for quotable

able or fit to be repeated or quoted

suitable for or worthy of quotation

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I was somewhat irked by Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput's quote in your Quotable & Notable section (NCR, March 20).
I sit before my computer wholly ashamed," begins Julia Stewart's book, Quotable African Women, a collection of quotes by women from all over the continent.
QUOTABLE QUOTE: I think I'd like to be a comedian when I grow up.
Now, even the LA Times and the mayor of SM have been audibly recorded professing semblances of Wilson's imminent quotable philosophy.
The normally quotable Saenz was at a loss to explain those numbers.
Keen to say something quotable in the wake of Sven-Goran Eriksson's latest indiscretions, the Wigan chairman named his own manager Paul Jewell and Pearce as the perfect pair to take the England job.
Loads of quotable lines (the film, not the 50 Greatest show).
The New Quotable Einstein isn't just a highly specialized copy of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations; it's a unique and intriguing biography.
But he remains eminently quotable in support of global justice and in opposition to elements of the culture of death, like capital punishment and offensive war, which appeal to too many of our leaders and compatriots.
It's certainly a plus that he's also genial, willing to share what he knows about the political process (which is a lot) with reporters, and he says it in quotable English.
Published on the 100th anniversary of the theory of special relativity and the 50th anniversary of Albert Einstein's death, this expanded, paperback edition of The New Quotable Einstein features the scientist's musings on such diverse topics as pets, creativity, music, vegetarianism, family, and many others--including science and mathematics.
And then, out pops the Quotable Eichner: "Better slow than dead.
Quotable War and Peace, compiled and edited by Geoff Savage with illustrations by Mike Rooth, offers the wisdom of the ages from ancient Greece to Hollywood and all points in between on the thorny subjects of war and peace.
But what I can't handle, I swear, is Sidney Poitier's character getting the most enduring and quotable lines in the film version.