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Synonyms for quotable

able or fit to be repeated or quoted

suitable for or worthy of quotation

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The Quotable Jung also features a preface by Judith Harris.
Quotable: "There's familiarity with a lot of the teams there," said Willowbrook coach Chris Perkins.
Quotable: "The biggest thing we have to do is keep improving.
But one of his quotable quotes really stood out for its utter Trumpness.
It all looks impressive, the 3D works well and there are also a stack of wry and quotable one-liners.
YOU can always count on Derry District Judge Barney McElholm for a quotable quote.
"The Quotable Scorpio" delves into the astrological sign of the Scorpio, as Mary Valby takes quotes from hundreds of Scorpios from many walks of life and how traditional Scorpio traits helped successful people get where they are.
Anyway, one of the most quotable skaters of all time is Andy Roy.
But the whole movie is a sheer delight of great dialogue, quotable lines and some great performances.
He's one of the most quotable people I've met, though not everything he says can be published.
The quotable Judge Posner; selections from twenty-five years of judicial opinions.
Positive messages and quotable quotes along with a real empathy for students and their problems and dilemmas make for a valid read for all teens.
This survey of Twainiana is a tribute to the world's first global celebrity and most quotable American.
Easily one of the most loveable and quotable pieces of work Lineham has ever done.