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a game in which iron rings (or open iron rings) are thrown at a stake in the ground in the hope of encircling it

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Guisborough Quoits Clubs assistant secretary John Moore and fellow members were upset in August 1982 when their local town council opposed plans for two new quoits pitches.
This promises to be a great family fun event and visitors will be encouraged to try their skills at hopscotch, quoits, skipping, whip and top, diabolo, Ludo, marbles and other old fashioned entertainments!
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Bowls, quoits, tennis, football and many other games have their origins going back hundreds if not thousands of years.
The exhibition sheds light on the ritualistic world of quoits, which involves throwing metal rings - the quoits - at a pin set in mud or clay.
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"Salmond," said the PM, "Wants to have this referendum on the eve of Bannockburn, after the Commonwealth Games, on a day when Scotland has beaten England at rugby, football, cricket and deck quoits."
PUBGAMESIndoor Quoits AN indoor version of the popular outdoor game has thrived along the border between Wales and England.
After encountering difficult preliminary-round matches, they maintained their winning streak at home to Hartlepool Rovers Quoits, running out 5-3 victors to make it through to round two.
MEMBERS of the Welsh Quoits team will exhibit their skills in an indoor exhibition at the National Pavilion of Wales in Pontrhydfendigaid on Saturday, November 28.
I'm not quite sure what deck quoits are, but they sound ruddy boring.
It is an ideal opportunity for youngsters - and their parents - to try out traditional games including hopscotch, skittles, croquet, quoits, battledore and shuttlecock.
Each person throws two quoits. They then walk to the pit where they were aiming, the winner being the person whose quoit is closest to the hob.