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an issue that is presented for formal disputation

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The ensalada is a kind of Spanish quodlibet, written for four or more voices, that--just like a garden salad, metaphorically speaking--mixes different meters, textures, languages, musical moods, situations, characters, etc.
On this point, see also Agamben's introduction to Emmanuel Levinas, Alcune riflessioni sulla filosofia dell'hitlerismo, Macerata, Quodlibet, 1997.
And McKenzie herself was primarily represented via a selection of her slightly laborious "Quodlibet" tableaux, begun in 2007: trompe I'ocil images itemizing coffee-table detritus (books, trinkets, passports, paper scraps) or pinup-board clutter (labels, receipts, tailoring accessories) relating to the everyday lives of people in the textile industry.
Sometimes intuitions clash: dialetheism denies intersubstitutivity of 'True(A)' and 'A' in the scope of negation, which Field challenges as counterintuitive; whereas Field subscribes to verum ex quodlibet sequitur [e.g., A(BB)], which is counterintuitive to Relevant Logics (one of the areas of paraconsistent logic).
Snell, "Connaturality in Aquinas: The Ground of Wisdom," Quodlibet Journal 5.4 (October 2003), http://www.quodlibet.net/articles/snell-aquinas.shtml (accessed August 25, 2009).
It was only when the logical rule 'ex falso (sequitur) quodlibet' was dropped from the inference systems that the systems became paraconsistent.
Birnbaum tackles Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Ingolf Dahl's Quodlibet with equal conviction.
La poesia [1815-1817] eLa prosa [1816-1817], Macerata: Quodlibet, 2016).
Timoteo non e l'uomo nuovo del futuro, e un uomo tale quale e, quodlibet ens, in termini agambiani, (8) ed e anche, culturalmente, un prototipo riconoscibile che dice di se stesso: "Non e stato facile amare per me, Angela, credimi, non lo e stato, ho dovuto imparare.
She then identifies her principal sources as Francis' Quodlibet and his Commentarius in librum Sententiarum, prologus, both edited by Nazareno Mariani in 1997, plus his Quaestiones in metaphysieam, edited in part by Albert Zimmermann in his ground-breaking work, Ontologie oder Metaphysik?
So many of these 30 variations left memorable impressions: the triumphant exhilaration of variation 12, the cross-hand dexterity of 14, the roaring chords of 29 before the joyous Quodlibet.
(22.) <<Quicumque igitur philosophi de deo summo et vero ista senserunt, quod et rerum creatarum sit effector et lumen cognoscendarum et bonum agendarum, quod ab illo nobis sit et principium naturae et veritas doctrinae et felicitas vitae, sive platonici accommodatius nuncupentur, sive quodlibet aliud sectae suae nomen inponant (...), qui hoc viderint ac docuerint: eos omnes ceteris anteponimus eosque nobis propinquiores fatemur>>, ibid., 8, 9 (OSA 5/1, 562).