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If you know someone who could be Quitter of the Year or if you would like to nominate yourself, call the Quitline free on 0800 002 200 (open daily 9am-9pm) or visit the www.
According to Department of Health guidelines, a quitter is 'someone who was still tobacco-free at four weeks after their initial commitment to give up'.
Dans le sens Tanger-Rabat, les usagers devront quitter l'autoroute au niveau de l'echangeur Sidi El Yamani, prendre la route nationale no1 et reprendre l'autoroute par l'echangeur de Larache, a-t-on precise.
Nettement rase, et portant un sautoir, Morad Ali a pourtant pu etre repere puisque son nom figurait sur la liste des interdits de quitter le pays, sur ordre de parties souveraines.
Quitter replaces Axel Zehren, who has taken a new position with Allianz Investment Management (AIM) at parent company Allianz SE in Munich.
1,225 THE North East NHS Stop Smoking Services achieved the highest number of quitters per population size of any Strategic Health Authority, achieving 1,225 quitters per 100,000 people compared to 911 quitters nationally between April 2010 and March this year.
In his role, Quitter will assist the office's clients in their Private Banking, Wealth Planning, Trust, and Investment Management matters.
She gets upset at the thought of me leaving, but she says I'm not allowed to be a quitter.
Summary: Novak Djokovic dispelled his reputation as a quitter after battling through five gruelling sets in the first round at the US Open.
Commuters will be given practical advice and details of local smoking cessation services in Birmingham, and the quitter with the best reason to stub out their habit will receive a luxury spa break.
He was never a quitter as player and, although Keegan would probably change some of the things he has done as a manager, people should remember he got City and Newcastle back in the big time.
The 41-year old etoile, five months pregnant, made national headlines in March declaring that she "was not a quitter.
But coach Pearce angrily refuted such suggestions,and said: ``I have been in the same office and the same training camp as him all season and I have seen frustration but I have never seen a quitter who has looked like he was going to be hounded out of a job.
MANCHESTER CITY have offered Kevin Keegan a job for life after chairman John Wardle dismissed suggestions the Blues boss is a serial quitter.
Regarded as possibly the best single indicator of tobacco dependence (7), TTFC looks at how soon after waking a quitter lights up their first cigarette, enabling them to choose the right strength for their particular needs--which is critical to success.