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owing or being owed nothing

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on equal terms by payment or requital

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The authors argue that the procyclicality of quits implies that wages are also procyclical.
I cannot therefore judge anyone who quits, not my mother for quitting us, not myself for judging her.
The report states it is never too late to quit: the body starts showing improvements and healing almost immediately, and even a person who quits in their 60s can reduce their risk of dying from a smoking-related disease by 50 percent.
But if their kids enjoy what they're doing, then they won't give a rip if my child quits.
According to Martin, 38, a lack of resources--finances, experienced employees, and board support--prompted his decision to call it quits after a two-and-a-half-year stint.
QUITTING smoking is difficult at the best of times - but what if your partner quits at the same time?
BY the time 7 o'clock rolled around Monday evening in Sacramento, California's legislators were ready to call it quits, and so they did.
Every time someone quits and fails, they learn something about their cigarette cravings that makes them more likely to quit for good on the next try.
It may be wise to obtain a disability policy before the individual leaves his job; under some plans, the rates will be lower after a person leaves his job if he buys the policy before he quits.
Most previous work on this subject has focused on the impact of specific mobility events such as quits or layoffs, rather than on the impact of total job history on wages.
Anytime someone quits smoking, that person's risk of lung cancer decreases, but repairs take longer for someone who started smoking young, Wiencke said.
Long before Mike Piazza became baseball's best hitting catcher, he decided to call it quits one day.
Because nicotine is addictive, people who want to quit smoking must recognize they will need to overcome their addictions en route to getting healthier.
According to one Medical Daily reader, her boyfriend found it easier to quit when he took up vaping to replace the habit.
If you want to work with others, you can print out materials to share, plan your quit dates together and meet to discuss how you can best support each other.