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It seemed a queer affair altogether, and queerly managed; the two old women had made quite a little intricate mess of it; still I found that the uppermost feeling in my mind on the subject was one of satisfaction.
Tarzan spent quite a little time with Miss Strong and her mother.
Quite a little thrill of relief and of pleasure ran through her at the thought.
They sang together, and played duets together, and we had quite a little concert.
Jarndyce called me into a small room next his bed-chamber, which I found to be in part a little library of books and papers and in part quite a little museum of his boots and shoes and hat- boxes.
I had covered quite a little distance, and I was pass-ing through a strip of wood which lay at the foot of one of the flat-topped hills, when I became conscious of the sensation of being watched.
The rest of the evening was quite a little triumph for her.