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a quantity of paper

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The 1921 Gilson and Warner catalogue description suggests the following for quire structure: "Gatherings of 8 leaves, (ii (2), ix, x (6)), the numeration beginning with iii (art.
1459 to 1461 Sanvito began to sign quires with letters of the alphabet (a system found in late Antique and Carolingian manuscripts) rather than using catchwords.
In the final quire of this reconstruction, materials from "The Book of Shrift" should have filled about 19 columns (46 x 19 = 874), thus at least five leaves.
Around the quire area can be seen a whole host of incredible carvings, including angels (whose faces are said to have been modelled on Hedley's own daughters), green men with leaves cooming out of their mouths and intricate foliage.
Angels: If you look up high above the Quire, on top of the screen which surrounds it, you can see over 20 ornate angels in prayer.
At 10.32am Sarah, Duchess of York, mother of the bride, and Princess Beatrice of York arrive and are escorted to their places in the Quire. At 10.35am the bridegroom and his best man, Thomas Brooksbank, arrive.
Before the ceremony, she was warmly welcomed by Prince Charles -- who walked with Meghan down the aisle of the quire, but didn't give her away -- and spent lots of time meeting and greeting her new family at the lunch at party afterwards.
Meanwhile, Bishop Quire stresses the need for the United Methodist Church to set its priorities straight, explaining that the new strategy now is to create the kind of ministry that attracts people.
At the time of Nero's copying, around the end of the twelfth and the beginning of the thirteenth century, quire structure was moving toward standardization; in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries sexternios, or quires of six bifolia, became a much more common arrangement.
In his newest novel for middle grade readers, Jonathan Auxier returns to the world of Peter Nimble and introduces a charming new heroine, Sophie Quire. Sophie is responsible for repairing the books that are brought into her father's shop.
From the great West Door through the nave and into the quire; up to the high altar and the chair of Augustine of Canterbury; on to the shrine of Thomas Becket and into the Chapel of the Saints and Martyrs of Our Own Time, there are 45 steps.
Written by author Mary Ellen Quire, this book will surely make you rethink the assumption that your pet sleeps all day or maybe even give you cause to consider the possibility that your local stray may not just be a vagrant looking for a good meal.
The bricks form part of the Quire of Durham Cathedral in Lego, a fundraising initiative for Open Treasure which will transform the experience of those visiting the cathedral.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 9, 2014-Monotype introduces Quire Sans typeface