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a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

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The five wine service pros he referred to--Andrea Immer, director of beverages for Starwood Hotels and Cheers editorial advisory board member; Karen King, beverage director for NYC's Union Square Cafe, winner of the 1999 James Beard Award for best wine service; Madeline Triffon, beverage director for Unique Restaurant Group; Joseph Scalice, co-owner of NYC's March; and Josh Wesson, all around wine quipster and owner of Best Cellars, a NY-based retail wine shop chain focusing on values priced around $10--spent part of two days scouring Aspen's wine tents on the hunt for new favorites, with good values an essential part of their search.
His Gower is a learned Christian humanist, who bears as much resemblance to Shakespeare's narrator of Pericles as Thomas More, the inveterate joker and quipster of Tudor tradition, to the original.
Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind's book, the sparkling melodies of George Gershwin and the witty quipster lyrics of Ira Gershwin make this good-natured trivialization of the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court far more roadworthy today than most of the effervescent but ephemeral tuners of the 1930s.
The decidedly surreal novelist, slick quipster, journalist - although he reckons he's given that up - and team captain of BBC's rather tacky Shooting Stars quiz show Will Self is ensconced in an empty flat on the 20th floor of a condemned high rise block in Sheil Park writing a short story about terror.
Gomez, a Hall of Fame pitcher and quipster, shrugged and said, "I don't know.
ANAHEIM - Mike Scioscia isn't a quipster, like Ozzie Guillen.
Jeremiah hooks up with his requisite sidekick, Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner of ``The Cosby Show''), who's part wise-cracking quipster, part cranky nihilist.
Lakers coach and noted NBA quipster Phil Jackson had his turn at the mike, then turned it over to the Unknown Comic, aka Sacramento Kings coach Rick Adelman.
But Dillane seems both smart enough to play a quipster who's not above accusing Bach of stealing from Procol Harum and humane enough to still the house during his quiet, incantatory repetition of "I love you" to the febrile flirt who will go on to be his bride.
Instead of Fortinbras, who is dropped altogether, we get a brilliant shadow play for "The Murder of Gonzago" and a sauntering, jokey Hamlet, who sometimes sounds far closer to a Noel Coward quipster than to the truly questing metaphysician whom Jennings played so memorably in the RSC's "Peer Gynt.
So, since arriving in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, Baffert has returned to his quipster roots, joking to deflect the pressure.
Yinka came in after the game and started passing out the towels,'' Nets quipster Jayson Williams said.
Almost all the networks had begun hiring young, hip, metropolitan quipsters to explain the "America of Tomorrow" or the "Next America" that residents of the Democratic Archipelago had charted out for everyone else.
He's one of those great quipsters who can win laughs by putting a schlubby suburban guy attending the show with his grandchildren through some off-the-wall comic paces, without inflicting cruelty.
Cube (real name O'Shea Jackson) and Chris Tucker were classic quipsters in the 1995 pot-comedy "Friday'' that started it all, and when then-newcomer Mike Epps dropped in on the sequel, his chemistry with Cube led to a third film.