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Synonyms for quintuplet

the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy


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a set of five similar things considered as a unit

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We look forward to hearing stories and seeing photos of how the Busby quintuplets grow and mature.
The press conference entailed an overview of international quintuplet guidelines, followed by a draw to split into two groups the eight teams qualifying for the tournament's quarterfinals.
A RUSSIAN woman was "recovering well" after giving birth to quintuplets, it was announced today.
This is a question that is often asked of Magnolia residents Doug and Brandi Ervin, the parents of Mississippi's only living quintuplets.
The game was attended by Vice Chairman of National Arab Motors (Kia Jordan) Nihad Zacharia, the companyAAEs President Samir Tayeh and Mr Shamel Daghestani, the coach of the Jordan National quintuplet team.
The rare quintuplets were born at Ty Gwyn farm, Eglwysbach, near Conwy, and now mum, a Lleyn breed, and her young quins are thriving.
Liza Minnelli is one of a handful of rare performers to have won the quintuplet of awards: an Oscar, three Tonys, an Emmy, two Golden Globes and a Grammy.
to decide which team will represent Jordan in the global quintuplet tournament organized for KiaAAEs dealerships, which will take place in South Africa.
The images of our galaxy's circumlunar ring (CNR) and its neighboring quintuplet cluster (QC) are the subjects of two posters presented this week during the American Astronomical Society's meeting in Long Beach, Calif.
Robert Carpenter, OB/GYN physician at the Pavilion for Women, not only managed the Perkins' sextuplet pregnancy but also managed the Plauche' quintuplet pregnancy.
The quintuplet cats were born on July 25 but only unveiled to the public in Fota Wildlife Park yesterday.
A SANGRUR couple became the parents of India's first- ever all- girl quintuplets to survive on Tuesday morning.
DANIELLE BUSBY, 31, gave birth to five babies delivered by C-section in Houston, Texas, and is the first to have all-girl quintuplets since 1969.
A EWE has given birth to a rare set of quintuplets.
found out they were expecting quintuplets, medics told them they would be lucky if even one baby survived.