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Synonyms for quintuplet

the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy


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a set of five similar things considered as a unit

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Sex and weight of cubs comprising the quintuplet litter of 2005 (a.
A hospital spokeswoman said research into official statistics had shown no quintuplets born in England and Wales between 1996 and 2006.
At home, the babies are not the Ervin quintuplets, but Grace Ann, Amber, Jacqueline, Taylor, and Braswell.
The presence of stars nearing the end of their life spans, such as red supergiants and Wolf-Rayet stars, implies that the Quintuplet cluster is about 4 million years old.
The game was attended by Vice Chairman of National Arab Motors (Kia Jordan) Nihad Zacharia, the companyAAEs President Samir Tayeh and Mr Shamel Daghestani, the coach of the Jordan National quintuplet team.
The rare quintuplets were born at Ty Gwyn farm, Eglwysbach, near Conwy, and now mum, a Lleyn breed, and her young quins are thriving.
I play golf, swim, ski, ice skate, ride and I am only a young 76 and have not long ago had a quintuplet bypass.
Liza Minnelli is one of a handful of rare performers to have won the quintuplet of awards: an Oscar, three Tonys, an Emmy, two Golden Globes and a Grammy.
Vancsik led for three days last week in Madrid but let slip a first Tour win with a final round 73 that included a fifth hole quintuplet bogey to eventually finish third and one clear of McIlroy.
A California couple, expecting quintuplets, called on President Donald Trump in an urgent request to help them to get out-of-network medical care for a high-risk pregnancy.
LAHORE -- A young woman gave birth to quintuplets two girls and three boys at the Lady Aitcheson Hospital, officials at the facility announced on Wednesday.
Lahore -- A woman gave birth to quintuplets in Lahore's Lady Aitchison Hospital on Wednesday.
MULTAN -- One of the quintuplets, born to a woman a few days back, died at the Nishtar Hospital, here on Thursday.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 2 September 2017: A woman gave birth to quintuplets in the eighth month of her pregnancy in Asyut governorate, Upper Egypt.
uk FILM Raising Arizona (12) When a childless couple decide to help themselves to one of another family's quintuplets, their lives become more complicated than they anticipated.