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Synonyms for quintuple

a set of five similar things considered as a unit

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increase fivefold

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having five units or components

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Moreover, by using upper bound of d, corresponding upper bound of number of Diophantine quintuples are obtained, [10.
Dujella, There are only finitely many Diophantine quintuples, J.
Fujita, On Diophantine quintuples and D(-1)-quadruples, Monatsh.
Fujita, The number of Diophantine quintuples, Glas.
Moreover, Baker and Davenport [1] proved that the set {1, 3, 8, 120} cannot be extended to a Diophantine quintuple.
In 1997, Dujella [2] proved that the Diophantine triples of the form {k - 1 ,k+ 1, 4k}, for k [greater than or equal to] 2, cannot be extended to a Diophantine quintuple.
If {a, b, c, d, e} is a Diophantine quintuple with a < b < c < d < e, then d < [10.
Turkish Farmer Rafet Dogan, owner of the sheep, is feeding his quintuples meticulously and also shows them great compassion.
Doy-an also added that his wife Nursiye looks after little lambs such lovely quintuples as her own children.
Company more than doubles its previous space and nearly quintuples
The 54 Mbps connectivity of the new Actiontec products nearly quintuples the 11 Mbps available under the widely adopted 802.