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Synonyms for quintessence

Synonyms for quintessence

a basic trait or set of traits that define and establish the character of something

Synonyms for quintessence

the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water


the most typical example or representative of a type

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Quintessence was selected specifically to translate Aston Martin's design language into an 'innovative concept in the yachting world'.
This report provides comprehensive information on the current therapeutic developmental pipeline of Quintessence Biosciences, Inc.
Now researchers from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and the Academy of Athens (Greece) have used the same satellite data to demonstrate that the behavior of dark energy does not need to resort to either quintessence or phantom energy in order to be explained.
It is an exciting time for Quintessence Publishing Company and Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy and work hand in hand to provide an exceptional dental congress in the Kingdom," Al-Shammery noted.
The opening number moves across sets into scenes which were shot on location in New York streets, blending both seamlessly and making us feel that, for a few minutes, we have seen not an inserted dance, but the life of the streets heightened into quintessence.
Braving wind and rain at Acton yesterday, Mr Johnson said: "Standing on this delectable bus brings a sense of nostalgia but also demonstrates the quintessence of the latest technology, making this fit for the 21st century.
Cue a history lesson boasting the likes of ELP, Rush, Quintessence, Caravan, Wishbone Ash, Brum's own Moody Blues and many others.
Turning them in his palm, he mused, "Sometimes, when I peer inside these shells, I feel I have glimpsed some hidden secret of the universe, some quintessence of life.
JoraPh Consulting Ltd, a UK specialist Oracle database and managed service provider, announced on 23 April that it has signed a partnership agreement with Quintessence Systems, a specialist in automated software migration.
Guerlain's creative director Olivier Echaudemaison developed Rouge G de Guerlain ($45) to capture the quintessence of luxury in an object dedicated to the lips.
is the second book in the "Focus Friends Appreciate" rhyming picturebook series for young people ages two to nine, featuring a cast of children who each embody the quintessence of a positive trait or theme.
In another quintessence, Barbie Collector has released the Titanic Barbie doll ($34.
Any who would understand the foundations and early influences of American popular music can't miss BOOGALOO: THE QUINTESSENCE OF AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC: its focus is on the art and commerce of Black American popular music and its coverage is extensive, blending discussions of such major figures as Sam Cooke, James Brown and others with surveys of the major music label Motown, black radio station influences across the country, and individuals who fostered the rise of popularity of black popular music.
CL did find the following brands contained the amount of active compound stated on the label: Herbalife Mega Garlic Plus; Kwai Garlic; LifeWise Naturals Pure-Gar; Natrol Quintessence Standardized OdorControlled; Nutrilite Garlic; Unique Garlic, Vegetarian Formula; Windmill Natural Odor-Controlled Garlic; and The Vitamin Shoppe Aged Garlic Extract.