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a painful pus filled inflammation of the tonsils and surrounding tissues

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Quinsy tonsillectomy was done in one case in the present study.
Other factors were accidental ingestion of foreign body and quinsy in 17.
Quinsy Gario's much debated, ongoing art project Zwarte Piet Is Racisme and his recent media actions seem to have more far-reaching impact.
Treatment of an early abscess or Quinsy is by antibiotics while a fully developed abscess requires hospital admission where antibiotics are given through a drip (intravenously).
Quinsy treated by aspiration: the volume of pus at initial aspiration is an accurate predictor of the need for subsequent re-aspiration.
Some papal scribes of the day alleged he swallowed a fly in a glass of wine, others wrote it was the quinsy that carried him off.
1726: Sir John Vanbrugh, playwright and architect of Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard and many castles and houses, died of a quinsy.
According to one report, Adrian IV died after choking on a fly in his wine, but quinsy (an inflammation of the tonsils) is the more commonly accepted explanation.
Complications evaluated were pneumonia, quinsy and mastoiditis.
Lucas Papaw Remedies" could treat epilepsy, tapeworms, uterine problems, hydatids, difficult childbirth, cancer, constipation, burns, removal of bullets and slivers of wood or metal, infections, blood poisoning, diphtheria, and quinsy.
The options include needle aspiration, incision and drain-age, quinsy tonsillectomy, antibiotics, and possibly steroid therapy.
Eight days after that visit, Osceola died, of quinsy sore throat, (having rejected offers of medical attendance from any, except his own nation).