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a period of five years

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Where gonadal maturity (TMG) is considered the size at 50%, measurement that was used to make comparisons between quinquennium.
In the Upper Meta River the reported data over 30 years was grouped and the TMG was estimated in quinquennium, as shown in figure 6.
Comparing the estimates of TMG of fish landed in the upper parts of the Meta and Guaviare Rivers (Puerto Lopez, last quinquennium, and San Jose del Guaviare), we observed that in the Meta River this measurement was lower in females (108.
During the 9 quinquenniums from (1966-2007) 2531 reseachers collaborate with the mentor.
The study identifies year, quinquennium and domain-wise productivity and collaborativeships, collaborative pattern, mentor's authorship credibility, individual collaborator dynamics, channels of communication used and distribution of publications among channels and geographical distribution of publications.
The contribution of 766 publications during 1966-2007 by the mentor were analyzed year, quinquennium and domain-wise, author-wise authorships credits, mentor's authorship credibility, channels of communication used, countries of productivity and keywords used in the titles.
53 %) are in the 8th quinquennium (2001-05) followed by 401 (15.