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a period of five years

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Where gonadal maturity (TMG) is considered the size at 50%, measurement that was used to make comparisons between quinquennium.
Un Prelato Segretario, nominato ad quinquennium dal Santo Padre, assiste il Coordinatore ed il Vice Coordinatore nell'attivita del Consiglio.
Y se realizara luego una distincion sobre la base de una doble hipotesis; si es cierto que el marido preso aun esta vivo, la esposa no puede propiciar a nuevas bodas, mientras que si es incierto si esta vivo o muerto, "tunc si quinquennium a tempore captivitatis excessit, licenzia habet mulier ad alias migrare nuptias".
West Bengal's Next Quinquennium and the Future of the Indian Left', Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.
history--though it looked more like a Minsky quinquennium.
The Quinquennium Report contains a number of changes ranging from important to modernization to housekeeping.
This is an overall increase of about 20 per cent over the previous quinquennium and a commitment of 1 per cent of expected Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to public sector research and innovation.
The study identifies year, quinquennium and domain-wise productivity and collaborativeships, collaborative pattern, mentor's authorship credibility, individual collaborator dynamics, channels of communication used and distribution of publications among channels and geographical distribution of publications.
Angelica Deglass, president of the quinquennium committee of the city of Nombre de Dios, and to Mr.
Membership peaked during the quinquennium 1898-1902, when the Society could claim a membership of 130 on occasion.
One of the six States that had been deemed de facto abolitionist at the beginning of the quinquennium, and that subsequently abolished the death penalty de jure, namely, Liberia, is currently in an uncertain position.
At the moment would-be MPs, and would-be again MPs, are doing what they always do at this time in the quinquennium.
23) GE Dal Pont, 'Regulation of the Queensland Legal Profession: The Quinquennium of Change' (2009) 28(2) The University of Queensland Law Journal 183.
Analyzing the last three 5-year periods, it can be seen that the cumulative growth in scientific production on phytotherapy in psychiatry for each quinquennium over the preceding one remains constant, duplicating the percentage of documents.