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small Asian tree with pinkish flowers and pear-shaped fruit

aromatic acid-tasting pear-shaped fruit used in preserves

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Now I had thought--but nay, Quince, thou art mistook--yet--am I?
Robin stood looking after them, and when they were gone he laughed till the tears rolled down his cheeks; for he knew that no harm would befall the honest fellow, and he pictured to himself the Bishop's face when good Quince was brought before him as Robin Hood.
com)-- Treat Bake Shop Founder Sarah Marx Feldner and Quince and Apple Co-Founders and Owners Matt and Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld announced today that their businesses are joining forces.
San Carlos Quince, and WildCraft Cider Works each earned a 2018 Good Food Award, given out Friday at a gala event in San Francisco.
Cook for 5mins on medium heat, until the quince is fork tender.
Notes: a non-mandatory pre-submittal meeting and project site visit for firms submitting a proposal on this project will be held on november 24, 2017, from 9:00am to 1:00pm at mendota city hall, 643 quince street, mendota ca 93640.
ANYONE WHO'S ATTEMPTED TO bake with quince knows the knobby, rock-hard fruit isn't easy on the home cook.
While exploring the US social and political landscape of the late 19th century, Quince found both the primary and secondary literature focused on the overpowering influence of expansion ideology.
The one unusual addition I'm adding here is, as you'll have noticed, quince.
HACE quince anos que se abrieron las puertas de la academia de Operacion Triunfo el 22 de octubre, y once anos desde que David Bisbal y Chenoa rompieran su relacion tras tres anos y medio.
Para algunas mujeres las fiestas de quince anos introducen un "corte" en la continuidad del tiempo en relacion con cierto orden establecido (Bertrand citado por Cavagnoud, 2011) determinando asi esa relacion antes-despues.
Cada quince dias me falta el aire, tengo mareos, veo luces, no puedo dormir bien, dolor de estomago, vomitos .
Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince served as the keynote speaker, stressing the importance of an independent judiciary.
Quince (my grandmother called it hawthorn) can be unshapely, and it has thorns, but when your heart yearns for spring, quince will defy the cold and brighten the world with bright red or rosy-pink blossoms.