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Synonyms for quiescence

the condition of being temporarily inactive

Synonyms for quiescence

a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction

quiet and inactive restfulness

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Many of them lapse into a permanent state of quiescence.
He apologized for disturbing the quiescence of the night.
In addition, the analysis showed that asymmetric cell division and quiescence of stem cells increased in older mice.
"Observing this, we asked ourselves if it was possible to pharmacologically induce immune quiescence with medication that was better assured of reaching the point of infection," said Ho.
Wednesday, Mayon's activity 'was characterized by general quiescence.'
Vast emerging lines of evidences support importance of the crosstalk between base modifications and stem cell functions such as lineage commitment, specification, self-renewal, quiescence, proliferation, and differentiation.
The present mass revolt has witnessed indiscriminate use of pellet guns by Indian security forces that have blinded thousands of unarmed boys and girls; social media have shared the stories and pictures of such atrocities but the conscience of world is in the state of quiescence.
Many researchers prefer to use different tools in practical applications of seismicity analyses, such as physical models, scaling laws and several different seismic parameters such as seismic b-value, fractal dimension, precursory seismic quiescence, annual probability, recurrence time, moment and energy releases.
Brown argues that far from there being "quiescence" following the Sharpeville Massacre and the suppression of African opposition movements, during which they went underground, this period was marked by experiments in resistance and attempts to develop new forms of politics that prepared the ground for the Uprising.
Cohen's muted trumpet is graceful and pure on songs like "Life and Death," "Quiescence," and "Behind the Broken Glass." His sensitive playing is enhanced by exquisite harmonies and interplay with a talented quartet of Yonathan Avishai (on piano), Eric Revis (double bass), Nasheet Waits (drums), and Bill McHenry (tenor saxophone).
The quiescence region shows a substantial absence of acoustic events.
After that mature embryos induce to quiescence, development of encapsulation and coating system and its optimization and conversion requirements for field growth and greenhouse (Fertilization, watering and transplanting etc) are followed.
We previously reported that artemisinin resistance results from the capacity of young intraerythrocytic F32-ART parasites (ring-stage parasites) to arrest their cell cycle and enter a quiescence state (9,10).