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Synonyms for quiescence

the condition of being temporarily inactive

Synonyms for quiescence

a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction

quiet and inactive restfulness

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Phivolcs said Mayon's activity in the past 24 hours was characterized by 'general quiescence, gravity-driven lava flow and degassing from the crater.
The present mass revolt has witnessed indiscriminate use of pellet guns by Indian security forces that have blinded thousands of unarmed boys and girls; social media have shared the stories and pictures of such atrocities but the conscience of world is in the state of quiescence.
Many factors regulate hair follicle stem cell quiescence.
Our unifying hypothesis is that stem-cell quiescence maintenance, which requires active proteostasis (protein homeostasis), lies at the basis of stemness, and that its substitution by a senescence state in aging impairs regeneration.
March 2, 2016 -- A new study shows that the long quiescent periods of stem cells residing in hair follicles are essential for maintaining the cells' rejuvenating activity over time, and clarifies the mechanisms that bring the cells in and out of quiescence.
The quiescence region shows a substantial absence of acoustic events.
After that mature embryos induce to quiescence, development of encapsulation and coating system and its optimization and conversion requirements for field growth and greenhouse (Fertilization, watering and transplanting etc) are followed.
We previously reported that artemisinin resistance results from the capacity of young intraerythrocytic F32-ART parasites (ring-stage parasites) to arrest their cell cycle and enter a quiescence state (9,10).
There are still occasional stories about high-profile Saudi-led and US-backed bombings or military campaigns in border areas, but the bulk of the news is about quiescence in remote spots and political maneuvering by the autocratic Arab regimes.
However, the committee opinion on gynecologic concerns is not forceful enough in its statement on the use of gonadotropin-releasing agonists to induce ovarian quiescence in an effort to preserve ovarian function and fertility after cytotoxic treatment in those who have reached sexual development, she said, explaining that the opinion states that results have been mixed, that a meta-analysis showed only a slight increase in ovarian function, and that evidence is currently not strong enough to recommend their use for this purpose.
But this quiescence cannot be taken for granted and the country needs to know who will be the president and who will be its chief executive as soon as possible.
Part meditative memoir, part poetic quiescence, part photographic testimony, Recovering Place: Reflections on Stone Hill is a coffee-table book filled with thoughts and pictures from the Berkshire Mountains, home to author, photographer, and sculptor Mark C.
The earlier onset of sleeping through the night in the absence of breastfeeding could thus be interpreted as the facultative quiescence of an ineffective function.
15) Based on these parameters, the reproductive stage was classified as 1 of 4 stages: quiescence, progression, culmination (identified by the presence of specific germ cells (10)), and regression (identified by the presence of spermatophages and/or cellular detritus peeling from the epithelium into the lumen, with only basal spermatogonia).