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The formula of threatened prosperity can be produced out of a series of arguments responding to perceived economic circumstances in order to quiesce movement developments that relied on claims that regulations were necessary for citizens' safety and privacy.
VSS coordinates the point-in-time copy by sending a signal to all applications to "prepare and quiesce" their data stores so a snapshot can be taken.
(186) More radical historians even argue that the NIRA was an attempt to strengthen the capitalist class as a whole and quiesce radical sentiments in the labor movement and the general population.
On most Unix machines, according to Moffitt, to upgrade the OS requires administrators to quiesce the box and go into single-user mode.
Database Performance for DB2 v1.1 offers DBAs increased performance and availability through new automation features that enable live reorganizations to be performed without a quiesce, eliminating database performance impacts on end users.
The hymn by Weisse, Nun la[beta]t uns den Leib begraben, assigned t o the melody Nun loben wir mit innigkeit (Eg7l) in the 1531 hymnal, was rewritten by Luther and appears in his christliche Geseng Lateinisch und Deutsch (Wittenberg, 1542; DEL 1542 (15)) with another melody Ee20), a variant associated with the Latin hymn by Prudentius, Iam moesta quiesce querela, appearing in the same 1542 collection (Ee19).
lini (sleep) without a man." (81) The Volgata translated lini as quiesce , which means lying or resting in a bed.