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Synonyms for quidnunc

a person given to intruding in other people's affairs

Synonyms for quidnunc

a person who meddles in the affairs of others

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Laurence Holt is chairman of Quidnunc, an international digital business consulting firm.
According to recent research carried out by Quidnunc UK retailers are making significant progress in supporting e-commerce and delivering comprehensive website usability.
UK retailers are doing so well, in fact, that their Quidnunc overall e-commerce rating is now better than their American counterparts.
Helping to straighten out your business strategy will be: Roger Till, e centre UK; Nick Maxwell, partner Quidnunc; Peter de Groot, associate partner Andersen Consulting; Neil Barrett, technical director, IRM plc; Toby Poston, editor E.business Review; chair, Karl Schneider, editor Computer Weekly.
British retailers are lagging behind their US counterparts in integrating e-commerce into their businesses, according to a report by Quidnunc, a London, UK-based software consultancy.
23' in July 1775 (vii.378), acknowledgments in April and June 1776 ('under consideration'), a rejection in January 1779 for a 'too indecent' contribution, an acknowledgment in October 1779, followed by a rejection in December of a 'lame' oddity, and then publication in February 1783 of a sketch of Quidnunc in 'Coffee House No.
The digital business consultancy Quidnunc and the web hosting services provider Exodus Communications have formed a partnership to work together on end-to-end e-business development projects.
Under the agreement Quidnunc will offer its strategic, brand and technical expertise while Exodus will provide web hosting services and support and maintain clients' sites after they have gone live.
Except for Martial no other Latin author of the classical period mentioned this unattractive quidnunc.(3) Milton however thought this name singularly appropriate for Saumaise.