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People born after 1945 will not know, unless they make the attempt to discover, what a disparaged quiddity democracy has been among what are sometimes called thinking people throughout history, from ancient Athens down to 1938.
To get at their quiddity, which is what we are here to do, we cannot not start with soi-disant reason itself, with the opposite of what we love, with the un-be-monstered, the not-strange, the fantasticless mundane.
Lanham suggests that compared with the printed word the electronic word "has no essence, no quiddity, no substance.
Yet, typically of Shakespeare, desirable states such as plenitude and exceptional singularity carry a loss inside themselves; whatever the quiddity of a given achievement, feeling, or state, there remains the question of its duration.
The quiddity of the continental decadent aesthetic is not simply sensual/sexual excess.
7) As Rufus/Cartaphilus eventually discovers, the relentless ongoingness of his life has eroded the quiddity of his self and transformed iy into something as fungible as language: "No es extrano que el tiempo haya confundido las que alguna vez me representaron con las que fueron simbolos de la suerte de quien me acompano tantos siglos" (OC 543-44).
Coetzee's relation to thrift is that what is imagined usually clarifies and strips experience to reveal it in all its quiddity and haecceity.
It involves examining the very essence of the concept in question: what is conceived as its substance, or its quiddity.
The quiddity of particular relationships, the things that matter most, get filtered out.
It had always been my sense," I hear him still, "that the goat fades into the goad and the spur fades into the flank and the fastness fades into no fixed abode and the Black Pig's Dyke fades into the piggy bank and your Hams fade into your Japheths and the point fades into the point-blank and the Cristal fades into the crystal meths where the ends somehow begin to fade into the means and the sheugh fades into the shibboleth and the timbre fades into the tambourine and the quiddity fades into the quid pro quo and--you'll like this, I know--the bourne fades into the boreen.
The production is directed by John Britton, senior lecturer at Huddersfield and director of Quiddity Theatre, who has long experience in training performers and in creating cross-art form performances.
Documenting the quiddity of objects and landscapes, they produced a paratactical, accumulative language.
the quiddity of the reaction was unaltered, merely the velocity.
His stories have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Quiddity, Eyeshot, Opium Magazine, and Right Hand Pointing.
From thralldom to substance and quiddity, Bacon, "like Moses, led us forth at last," wrote Abraham Cowley, the Royal Society's first laureate, in an ode of 1667.