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cuttings of plants set in the ground to grow as hawthorn for hedges or vines

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grown from cuttings planted directly in the ground

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This exciting new platform integrates our latest QuickSet Cloud services with our nevo.ai white label digital assistant platform, as well as back-end enterprise integration services required for large-scale IoT fleet management.
Another option for gift set packaging is Diamond Packaging's trademarked design called QuickSet. "It is an economical alternative to a rigid set-up box, with a reinforced base and lid.
(UEI) has reached a new milestone with its QuickSet solution, having shipped the platform in more than 150 million devices around the world.
Features include context-sensitive help (reducing users' need to consult a manual), "Quickset" modes that speed instrument configuration (providing two-touch access to set-up screens), and on-screen graphing capabilities.
The Predator Den ($199.99) is a quickset, hub-style blind made of a premium water-resistant, black-backed fabric.
Folding Shooting Sticks feature ribbed-grip yoke and quickset leg joints.
DRS proposes its Watchmaster Pro, a turret featuring the Quickset QPT-LT dual side-mount positioner, which can be configured with single or multiple camera blocks for day and night capability.
Head-to-toe aluminum and stainless-steel pins make the Quickset 2500 2-Pin hugely dependable, while two vertical pins, each backed with two feet of fiber optic material encased around the pin guard, makes them bright.
(340) For though it was without a sense Of memory, yet he remembered well Many a ditch and quickset fence[.] (354) And coolly to his own soul said;-- "Do you not think that we might make A poem on her when she is dead?["] (360) Some flying from the thing they feared and some Seeking the object of another's fear[.] (485)
The software can fix these automatically, as well as resolving any other problems with the file." The software even sends the company's presets to the Quickset software that produces the printouts used by the pressman as a guide for ink-fountain color adjustment.
Setup time can be reduced up to 90 percent by using the Studer Quickset software, keeping track of wheel, part, and dressing locations."
Side rails with brackets can be removed in just a few seconds with optional quickset knobs.
color LCD, storage for 40 mold set-ups, SPC, user-configurable QuickSet screens.
Examples are Marposs QuickSet modular bench gage solutions and E9066 Gage Amplifier with QSPC software.