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a treacherous situation that tends to entrap and destroy

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a pit filled with loose wet sand into which objects are sucked down

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When I got out, through the sand-hills, on to the beach, there she was, in her little straw bonnet, and her plain grey cloak that she always wore to hide her deformed shoulder as much as might be-- there she was, all alone, looking out on the quicksand and the sea.
She snatched her hand off my shoulder, and suddenly pointed down to the quicksand.
Finding it impossible, from quicksands and other dangerous impediments, to cross the river in this neighborhood, he kept up along the south fork for two days, merely seeking a safe fording place.
Warnings about treacherous Solway quicksand have been issued after a 12 year-old boy was rescued from mud at Kippford.
No-one wants to be in the Championship because it's like quicksand.
But the star was taken to the desert for a safari, where they all fell into a pit of quicksand.
But he was then taken into the desert for a safari, only to plummet into a pit of quicksand along with the car that was carrying him.
Quicksand Pond, hidden off the Rhode Island coast, is a place of lingering mystery and illumination for a pair of 12-year-old girls.
But when Leanne dumps Nick for not giving Peter an alibi for Ken's attack, Nick storms off and soon finds himself fighting for his life in quicksand.
Permanent frowner Nick may meet a grisly end this week when he finds himself sinking in quicksand.
DOWNLOAD THESE: Waste A Moment, Conversation Piece, Walls TOM CHAPLIN - THE WAVE KEANE lead singer Chaplin has played it safe with his debut solo single Quicksand.
A DOG walker has spoken of the terrifying moment his pet became submerged in quicksand on a Northumberland beach.
Her first novel, Quicksand (1928), features a biracial female protagonist who occupies a series of disparate communities, pursuing beauty, luxury, romance, and autonomy.
A MUM and her two sons had to scramble free from quicksand on Crosby beach, after she got stuck up to her waist.
He also said that they were not such fools to step in that kind of quicksand.