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Synonyms for quickness

Synonyms for quickness

skillful performance or ability without difficulty

intelligence as revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay

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He no longer has that speed, quickness and athletic ability.
We tried to pound it inside and they used their quickness to blow by our big guys,' said Ginebra coach Tim Cone.
Therefore, the aim of study was to examine in the effect of anaerobic power on quickness in women taekwondo athletes.
Aaron is taller and longer, but Kenny has elite quickness and great feel for the game.
For further training in speed, agility and quickness, they have turned to the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)'s Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist online training, which is now available to everyone at http://nestacertified.
1 : done or spoken with quickness and energy <a brisk walk>
The WAG's have shown increases in finger/hand/wrist/forearm strength by up to 40%, and quickness by up to 20%, the company claims.
No longer does Davis, a redshirt junior, feel as if the coaches are conspiring to keep him off the field, but rather working to use his speed and quickness.
It's what allows for the quickness of movement and powerful changes in direction.
The Canadian primate, Archbishop Michael Peers, commended the diocese of Europe's choice of suffragan: "David brings great personal gifts of spirituality, quickness of mind and capacity for friendship (not to mention familiarity with air travel
Every day, each person took a brief arithmetic test to assess mental quickness.
There are only two aesthetic styles-abstraction and realism, "Jenney once wrote, and his trick is to synthesize them, using abstraction to enliven a static scene, adding a certain expressive indeterminacy to what is otherwise a legible image, especially with what look like pentimenti, "spacey" pencil lines that add a certain sketchiness and quickness to what is otherwise a realist picture.
Some predicted a restructuring of the industry, but no one guessed the severity or quickness with which it came about.