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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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As this article goes to press, the plan is for LKSD to once again empty the lagoon, mobilize additional quicklime to the site, and turn the site over to Dokoozian Construction to finish the treatment and earthwork.
The plucky Denby Dalers made a big thing of this, organising a ritual procession and burial of the pie in quicklime in nearby Toby Woods.
the contract secured in transporting quicklime over one mile, which represents
The kilns, used to make quicklime, were built for the Stanhope and Tyne Railroad Company in 1835.
ASCC is Egypt's sole producer of Sodium Carbonate and quicklime, with a production capacity of 130,000 TPA of Sodium Carbonate.
QUICKLIME: If this has been used for plastering in your renovation property, you must work with quicklime rather than hard cement, which can trap moisture and eventually cause structural damage.
TWO secret pits filled with quicklime have been found in the grounds of the Jersey house of horrors.
The thickened sludge produced can also be effectively dosed with quicklime (CAO), to additionally stabilize it and reduce odour, creating a more environmentally friendly product for disposal/spreading.
These included dead animals (to spread disease), prisoners, bees' nests, quicklime and manure.
There may not be much left of these men as they were buried in quicklime but they should be exhumed and given a proper burial,'' he said recently.
In what is now Tunisia, martyrs range from teenagers and nobility to soldiers and church leaders: a young slave girl named Julia; a group of bishops, deacons and lay people thrown alive into a marble quarry in 257; 153 Christian lay people and their priests buried in quicklime in Utica in 260; an estimated 5,000 Christians deported and killed by the Vandal king Huneric in 483.
Each Hotcan dish takes between eight and 15 minutes to heat up thanks to the reaction between quicklime and water, which is set off when the outer casing is punctured, and stays hot for up to 45 minutes.
The animal's carcass is placed in the middle of a circle drawn with quicklime and known as the hallal or 'justice circle'.
As the air passes over the extraction structure, the carbon dioxide in the air reacts with the quicklime and becomes converted to calcium carbonate (limestone), a solid that falls to the bottom of the extractor.
Catherine de' Medici so deeply mourned the death of Henry II in 1559 that she changed her coat of arms to feature a pile of quicklime upon which tears were falling with the words: "Adorem extincta testantur vivere flamma / Que la force d'amour dedans nos coeurs empreinte / Vit d'un brasier secret, quand la flamme est eteinte.