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The effects of these Quickies are well known on the clubbing scene.
A doctor at Royal Edinburgh Hospital reported the man became 'acutely psychotic' a few hours after drinking the Quickies liquid.
If making love slowly and intimately is your favourite choice but is currently off the agenda due to time constraints or family pressures, you may want to rethink your view on quickies and make them your sex staple until life calms down.
3) Turn talk into action Instead of moaning about never "getting time for sex" just grab your man and have a quickie.
The subjects for quota quickies were predictable--love stories, thrillers, farces, musicals and the occasional costume drama.
Those involved in making quota quickies were always required to bear the demands of the so-called "family audience" in mind--especially in the provinces (149).
David Heath, director of Birmingham-based Quickie Products, the company introducing the machines to the UK, was so impressed with the plan that he has agreed to match the donations penny for penny.
The Quickie machines, which are made in China and imported by Quickie Products, can be wall-mounted in places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels or shopping malls.
Tea Break Quickies is bursting with quick, fun crosswords.
He wants it every night and am willing so long as it's a quickie.
Quota quickies employ formulaic, low-budget treatments of sex and violence, and encourage the domestic industry to adopt the worst tendencies of American moviemaking.
On one of my regular hits Inoticed a section called Quickies.