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The couple were the last on a list of 21 to be granted quickie divorces yesterday.
Understanding that the industry needed to be in contact with each other, James resigned from The Power Group and started Quickie Marketing, Inc.
An earlier quickie election rule was rejected by a federal judge in 2011, according to InsideCounsel.
Plus, when you're married with kids, it's easy for both partners to settle into a routine You don't have to tell him exactly how to behave but explain that, while sometimes a quickie is great and can be exciting, you want something more.
She added: "The myth of the quickie divorce comes from celebrities, whose lives are so removed from reality.
Ideal for cleaning up messy spills, such as dropped eggs and jars of jelly, the Quickie Homepro Spill Collector Brush marries a traditional dustpan with a squeegee for easily sweeping up both dry and wet messes, say officials for the for the Cinnaminson, N.
Quickie introduced a line of Lysol cleaning products, including stick goods, with this in mind.
Clients' expectations are set unrealistically that they can get this mythical quickie divorce and want to know why their case is dragging on.
QUICKIE DIVORCE: Splitting from film director husband Guy Ritchie will cost Madonna pounds 49m, her publicist has confirmed
Then they will go on to compete for the role of 'head chef' in the Quickie Bag challenge, where they have 10 minutes to whip up an array of dishes.
David Heath, director of Birmingham-based Quickie Products, the company introducing the machines to the UK, was so impressed with the plan that he has agreed to match the donations penny for penny.
A-6S [Invacare Corp; Elyria, Ohio], and Quickie XTR), 4 folding (Epic [Everest & Jennings], Action Xtra [Invacare Corp], Champion 1000 [Kuschall of America; Camarillo, California], and Quickie 2 [Sunrise Medical]), 4 rigid (Eclipse [Colours by Permobil], A4 [Invacare Corp], Quickie GP [Sunrise Medical], and Top End Terminator [Invacare Corp]), and 4 rigid Ti (A4 Ti [Invacare Corp], Quickie Ti [Sunrise Medical], Cross Sport Ti [TiLite; Kennewick, Washington], and Top End Terminator Ti [Invacare Corp]).
After 28 years as the face--and force--behind Quickie wheelchairs, Marilyn Hamilton has retired from Sunrise Medical, the firm through which Quickie chairs are marketed.
At the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, where ``MCT'' wraps up its quickie engagement Sunday, this translates to lots of running back and forth, a couple of plunges from great heights and shinnying up a pole (or up Kuklachev's body).
Give your walls a quickie pop of colored bubbles with DottiLicious Wall Candy ($50 for four sheets of 80 dots, wallcandyarts.