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Synonyms for quickener

an agent that gives or restores life or vigor

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Derby winner Authorized is missing the gig in favour of the York August meeting and there is hardly a pulse quickener in the whole field.
'Aidan was spot on about his horses, he said there was very little between my horse and George's, but that mine was more of a quickener and a lengthener while the other is a galloper - and that in an ideal world if I could stalk George through the race he will take me far enough and to get to the front half a furlong out would be ideal.'
Al-Muhyi The Quickener. `Verily, He who brings it to life can surely give life to the dead." Sura Fussilat 41:39.
With that knowledge surely he will be given a more positive ride this time as he is a galloper rather than quickener. If he is, I expect him to win because I'm sure he's much better than an official mark of 85.
Mizzou has since improved significantly in three outings at Ascot, where the straight is shorter, but he is more of a lengthener than a quickener and the return to a course with a home straight of more than four furlongs might unlock further improvement.