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intelligence as revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay

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Our interview with "Shoboy" elicited moments of quick-wittedness and a compassion for students.
Esterhammer rightly sees the specifics of the long-since neglected practice of poetic improvisation as potentially leading to much wider questions, from its connection with other forms of Romantic spontaneity (the cult of genius, the valorization of quick-wittedness in such forms as table talk and on-the-spot translation) to the meaning of the frequent appearance of the improviser in Romantic fiction, and to its intersection with identity formation in the Europe of the time (the "feminization" of improvisation, how "typically Italian" improvisation is packaged for export with appropriate national labels).
On the other hand, the Moriarty-Holmes pairing is suitably fitted to their decidedly more grounded human battle, where quick-wittedness, intelligence and earthly fitness are their only weapons in the war they wage against one another.
It was left to Stocks, who had one of his best games, to make the result safe, when he charged towards the line, only to be hauled down a yard short, but he showed his quick-wittedness, by quickly tapping the ball forward over the line, darting round the marker and getting the faintest of touches to register the game's only try.
Reflecting US thinking, Carnegie Moscow Centre scholar Dmitri Trenin wrote shortly after the invasion of Georgia in 2008 that the West noted "Medvedev's quick-wittedness, his calm style of conducting talks, and his clear desire to show that he is the one who is the real master of Russian diplomacy There are much greater grounds for expecting that Dmitry Medvedevwill slowly but steadily concentrate powers in his own hands" - indeed, with Putin's blessings.
The confirmed front-runner stole a march on his rivals due to the quick-wittedness of his jockey Rhys Flint, with the eight-year-old in the end coming home 18 lengths clear of Taffy Thomas.
GEMINI May 22nd - Jun 21st You are at your best when you bring quick-wittedness to situations.
Peel's quick-wittedness from a penalty five metres from the line edged Wales ahead after 24 minutes.
Many people approaching retirement age find that memories fade and quick-wittedness flags.
Awadallah's delicate personality and quick-wittedness helped him to be recognized considerably on the international scale.