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(used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value

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- Cold chain market segments including fruits & vegetables, meat, quick-frozen rice and flour products, aquatic products, dairy products, and medicine (market features, demand, etc.)
The new plant in Little Rock will produce individually quick-frozen, or IQF, rice for industrial and restaurant chain markets, as well as IQF organic rice under Sage's retail brand, "Rice Expressions."
Since the early '80s "the quick-frozen potato market has quadrupled, to absorb 400,000 tons," said Arnault Ribeyron-Montmartin, head of the French National Federation of Potato Processors.
Clear Pack is also working on an application to be pasteurized at 190 F, then quick-frozen to -40 F in 15 min.
Contract notice: supply of fish, seafood, vegetables, and frozen or quick-frozen preparations for the hospitality service of the sanitary assistance management of zamora
Its 40,000 sq ft food processing plant and coldstore can transform raw ingredients into cooked, quick-frozen product within fifteen minutes, producing upwards of 100,000 units daily.
re-packers of individual quick-frozen food products who are able to add seasoning and flavoring to vegetables, proteins, or blends of those products.
cherries, quick-frozen without stones 45 000 kg, 203 660 byn
The Bannisters' Farm range uses only British potatoes and Littl'uns are traditionally oven baked, before being quick-frozen to lock in their authentic baked potato taste.
The Regulations apply to frozen foodstuffs that have undergone quick-freezing and thermal stabilisation to -18[degrees]C or colder, and are labelled as "Quick-frozen".
Tenders are invited for The contract is the supply of mixing and aging the way for the production of quick-frozen bakery products based on natural leaven.
What is more, the pack contains four individual trays of six individually quick-frozen mini burgers, wrapped in ovenable film to keep them nice and moist during cooking.
Christian Salvesen Foods has launched a range of quick-frozen fruits in the UK under the famous Ross brand.
Super Mash is prepared in the traditional way with fresh butter and milk then quick-frozen to ensure that all the flavour and vitamins are locked in.
Products are available in pasteurised vacuum packs chilled or quick-frozen.