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Synonyms for quick-freeze

freeze rapidly so as to preserve the natural juices and flavors


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Frez-N-Stor, owned by the David Evans family of Springdale, is a major quick-freeze facility that serves northwest Arkansas' poultry industry.
The seven processing companies - which use the fizzy gas to quick-freeze their products for market - alleged that the suppliers engaged in a 25-year-long, price-fixing conspiracy by rigging bids and allocating or dividing up customers.
Refrigerators of the future will feature vacuum insulation panels and water purifiers and a device to quick-freeze food will be in every kitchen.
With a bath of liquid nitrogen at minus 320AF, Linde immersion freezers offer the fastest way to crust-freeze or quick-freeze 10,000 to 15,000 pounds per hour of IQF food items prior to further processing or packaging.
A new batch process that simultaneously mixes, quick-freezes and coats food products with sauce to ensure quality and consistency is being introduced in the United States by Houston, Texas-based Air Liquide America Corporation.