quick march

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marching at quick time

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But it was more quickstep than quick march as he prepared her for the latest dance on the hit BBC show.
101 was followed by Donohoe's almost boogiewoogie approach to the no-nonsense quick march, and the interesting unearthing of a polka-like subtext during the rigours of the concluding fugue.
QUICK MARCH to a successful backing of our Forces personnel serving overseas.
Emperor quick march HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR, who was drafted in to stud duties at the beginning of his three-yearold season at Coolmore to replace subfertile George Washington, has had three winners in as many days to put him on pole position in the first-season sires' table.
If you've been feeling the pace, the Moon's quick march through a tender area urges you to take some time out - if you can.
Here Henry V rubs shoulders with von Hindenburg, Boudicca is within sword's reach of Braddock and Yamamoto is only a quick march to Zhukov.
Most of the major papers and broadcast organs, having immediately jumped onto the administration's bandwagon when the war talk started last January with the State of the Union speech, seem to be pulling back a bit, sensing splits among the hawks and much public discomfort with the quick march toward a military confrontation with Saddam Hussein's forces.
At two per company the drummers role was that now associated with bugle or whistle calls, to direct the movement of troops in the field with the calls TO ARMS, MARCH, QUICK MARCH and others, with a continual drum roll to order the formation of a square to meet cavalry attack.
Also for the first time 'Gagan Damama Bajio' quick march tune was played in 'Beating the Retreat' Ceremony.
So stand to attention and quick march along to your local theatre this festive season, the Sirens are calling
Scholl Double quick march and stand to attention in chic little numbers you couldn't possibly fight in The look
RIGHT, LEFT, QUICK MARCH Nicola Adams gives Ren Cancan a boxing lesson as she powers to gold THE BLUES Adams is jubilant as she celebrates a history-making win yesterday s* SINGING
LEFT RIGHT - quick march with great pride after a job well done
After a warm-down and a quick march back to base to eat our rations, my boil-in-the-bag Mexican bean feast, which I had gone for on recommendation of the soldiers, tasked like manna from heaven.