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a member of the Mayan people of south central Guatemala

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a tart filled with rich unsweetened custard

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the Mayan language spoken by the Quiche

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VARIATION: When making mini hash brown quiches for brunch, sprinkle some with Parmesan cheese in the final minutes of baking.
Health-wise, quiches vary in the quantity and kinds of vitamins and minerals they contain -- this depends on the recipe and ingredients chosen.
Helping small businesses like Love & Quiches grow and compete on the global stage is at the heart of the Bank s mission, said Ex-Im Bank Chairman and President Fred P.
Our new line of quiches lets you spend more time with friends and family without ever having to crimp a crust or break an egg.
The mini quiches roll out this month to Tesco Express, where they will replace the larger sharing sized quiches launched into the stores in June.
The chiller was installed on site within 12 weeks and was commissioned for automated in-line production of cooked quiches in foil trays.
We have learned how to make lots of things like chocolate mousse, quiches and mince pies.
Chris says: "Again, I would encourage people to make their own pastry and use healthy fillings such as broccoli and vegetables - you could even try making a Spam quiche.
Escargots, baked brie with herbs, pate du jour, croque madame and monsieur sandwiches, quiche lorraine, chopped steak (various ways) and the Grand Marnier souffle are recommended.
Nancy's brand of premium appetizers, quiches, entrees and desserts.
QUICHES We try supermarket foods to find out which are the healthiest - so you've got the facts on a plate.
For this month's tried and tested we've munched our way through the finest quiches from five supermarkets.
Among the recipes you'll find one section devoted to Mousses, Pates, and Terrines, and another called Savory Pastries, which includes tiny tarts, quiches, and other delights.
Manuel Galich afirma que el manuscrito desaparece en 1524, cuando Pedro de Alvarado, impulsado por una logica inconcebiblemente ignorante de una civilizacion que reinaba desde hacia mas de mil quinientos anos, entra en la capital de los quiches, Utatlan, ordena quemar a los jefes de esta y atrasa con la ciudad.