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Synonyms for quibbler

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Synonyms for quibbler

a disputant who quibbles

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Beda or "Bliteus" is once again described as a tasteless vegetable (his nickname deriving from "blitum") (121) and a loquacious quibbler ("loquax sophista").
Quibblers might also find fault with the book's incomplete treatment of the Safeguards Agreement.
But Twenty20 chugged past those quibblers many sixes ago, and the hot tip is that tournament supremo Lalit Modi has ambitions to take his baby to the United States - the last bastion of unconquered television rights for cricket, a potential goldmine.
And seeing that the Police Commission is made up of Villaraigosa appointees, Bratton's extension would seem to be a done deal -- except for the quibblers on the City Council who like to take credit for other people's good works.
Best Mate has ruled the roost for more than three years, a fact that not all the quibblers in the world can take away from him - or us.