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Synonyms for quibble

Synonyms for quibble

to raise unnecessary or trivial objections

Synonyms for quibble

an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections

evade the truth of a point or question by raising irrelevant objections

argue over petty things

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The 'Yanks' would generously dole out their cigarettes and chocolate to our forces without the slightest quibble.
But it's my job to quibble, so let's strap Scouse Ray to the dissection table first - although, sadly, only metaphorically so.
But that's a small quibble. Reichlin's reading is expressive, his pacing brisk, and his character differentiation engaging and highly effective.
Results will vary based on the product or service's selling cycle, but typically include more desirable clients, higher profits (since referrals tend not to quibble over price), and a steady stream of referrals.
Patti and I can quibble over the numbers, but the bottom line is this: the counsel for a public university is trying to defend a policy of "admission by exception" for students who take high-school classes taught from a Christian perspective.
Although one could quibble with a few of his decisions, ultimately this is an emotionally rich, visually stunning, uplifting production.
I must quibble about the headline of the piece about chronic wasting disease in deer ("Hunter Beware: Infectious proteins found in deer muscle," SN: 1/28/06, p.
</pre> <p>I find it hard to quibble with Huebler's method and purpose.
My only quibble is that I do not share his pessimism that effective vaccines will not be developed and distributed in the near future.
While I may have been critical of French custom, I had no quibble with French food.
The Queen Mother Champion Chase (3.15) promises to be a thriller, but I don't see how anyone can quibble with the prices.
There are a few points over which one might quibble. Baptist readers will be surprised to learn that conservative Christians object to songs of personal experience such as "He Lives" (205-08).
Apparently, they thought you could invade and occupy a foreign country and still quibble over the niceties, carrying along caveats with your ammo.
It's probably unwise to quibble, but if they hadn't dozed off in recent matches against Blues, Manchester City and Bolton --conceding late equalisers each time --they would have been six points better off, and entitled to start thinking about the Champions' League.