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Synonyms for queue

Synonyms for queue

a group of people or things arranged in a row

Synonyms for queue

(information processing) an ordered list of tasks to be performed or messages to be transmitted

a braid of hair at the back of the head

form a queue, form a line, stand in line

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The cashier rang the bell as soon as he saw the queue and mentioned how silly it was to have only one till open at that time of the evening.
We consider an MMPP/G/m queue system to model the correlations between consecutive inter arrival times.
This is how email for a ship receiving IP services from ECRNOC can have email on queue at IORNOC.
On this particular day there must have been a new driver, because instead of stopping at the head of the queue he stopped at its tail, much to the advantage of those of us standing there.
She felt that she wouldn't be able to get in front of the line and since time was running out for her as she wanted to leave the place to study for a law examination, she left the queue more than once to see if someone offers a good deal on the new iPhone 6.
Officers managing the queues, which were well organized, and expediting the immigration process, which all came as pleasantly welcome moves by the airport administration.
CNG stations opened after four day closure and gas-seeking motorists made queues on roads resulting in blockage of traffic throughout the day.
One amusing anecdote from one of the multitude of queues in the USA was being asked by an American (after standing for 15 minutes) what the queue was for, and realising they had literally just followed the herd and stood waiting for something they did not need or want
Qender Mobile Queue will suit small businesses with queues today in Healthcare (doctors, dentists, medical specialists), Beauty Care (hair salons, barbers, skin care clinics), Fast Food (cooked-to-order pizza, fish & chips), and Restaurants (wait-for-table).
ERD motivated the creation of the Random Early Detection (RED); which represents a new generation of active queue management techniques.
She added: "I have been waiting for an hour and I am only 78th in the queue.
They found on average it takes just over ten minutes to reach the front of a queue - twice the time taken in 2008.
This gives rise to the need for queue management policies at intermediate gateways [3] which provide protection for adaptive connections from aggressive sources that try to consume more than their "fair" share, ensure "fairness in bandwidth sharing and provide early congestion notification.
After a long drive from Aberystwyth on slow roads (first queue of the day), on arrival we queued to get in, then queued to buy tickets for "MasterClasses" (though the interesting ones on pairing cheese and wine were long sold out).
Unfortunately, peaceable competition can break down as frustration turns to animosity toward others in the queue.