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the basic unit of money in Guatemala

large trogon of Central America and South America having golden-green and scarlet plumage

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El ano pasado el quetzal guatemalteco cumplio 90 anos y si bien en gran parte de este tiempo la cotizacion fue a la par del dolar a inicios del siglo XXI subio arriba de 8.
Some 60% of the ships dock on the Pacific side at Port of Quetzal, offering visits to Antigua and the black-sand beaches of Monterrico.
The high-relief stucco sculpture measures 26 feet by 6 feet and includes three main characters wearing rich ornaments of quetzal feathers and jade sitting on the heads of monsters.
The chairs are available in a range of colour schemes, each inspired by tropical birds of Latin America including Flamingo (red and blue), Colibri (blue and turquoise) and Quetzal (green).
As a composite of a rattlesnake and the quetzal bird, this Aztec creation god's imagery is as varied as the many legends that exist about him in the Mesoamerican pantheon.
If anyone makes a buck, or a Guatemalan quetzal, off of the Mayan calendar, it ought to be the Mayans themselves.
International Resource News-February 16, 2012--Quetzal Energy Ltd completes sale of Quetzal Energy Inc(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Quetzal can bring up the hat-trick in Newcastle's Parklands Golf Course Handicap Chase (2.
JOCKEY James Reveley, sidelined since suffering concussion in a fall at Wetherby on Boxing Day, returned to action in fine style with a 69-1 double aboard Corkage and Quetzal.
Este santuario contribuyo a aumentar la tasa reproducnva de aves como el emblematico quetzal de cola larga de Centroamenca, en peligro de extincion, asi como de otras especies como las grullas africanas y las asiaticas y fue galardonado por el Fondo Mundial para la Vida Silvestre y las Naciones Unidas, que le otorgaron en 1993 el premio Global 500 por lograr con exito la reproduccion de especies amenazadas.
for elegant burrowing anemones, An aria for the Resplendent Quetzal (A
The headdress, called the Penacho de Montezuma, is made of of quetzal feathers and gems.
The Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) is a bird listed at global level in the Near Threatened category (IUCN 2009).
The assets include DG Portugal, which comprises Bertrand, readers' club Circulo de Leitores and publishing houses Pergaminho, Temas & Debates and Quetzal, and Librerias Bertrand, which operates the Bertrand stores in Spain.
It was a light movement that lasted for a few seconds," said Luis Medina from the Guatemalan tourist office in Puerto Quetzal, on the south coast.