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set of questions


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a form containing a set of questions

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The SDA noted that the responses to the Questionnaire cannot diminish the significance of any kind of reform or any activity carried out in BiH in accordance with the Constitution and the laws, meaning that the results of the 2013 Census will not be questioned since the census was carried out in accordance with the BiH laws and the recommendations of EUROSTAT.
The answers to all questions of STOP-BANG questionnaire were designed in a simple yes/no format and the scores range from a value of 0 to 8 for STOP-BANG questionnaire, respectively.
The informative twopage questionnaire covers a range of questions about a company's traceability, manufacturing, materials, packaging, recycling and carbon footprint, Mr Berry explained.
This questionnaire will be vital in updating the Qatar Strategic Transport Model and the feedback received will help to better understand the dynamics of school transportation and its relation to the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the family.
Those who do not achieve at least eight out of ten questions correct are notified and are given further chances to submit their answers, provided they are received before the questionnaire is closed.
Waqas Qadeer Dar told the court that the NAB had prepared a questionnaire against corruption and the accused would submit reply.
More than 3,000 questionnaires will be posted out across the borough to residents chosen at random by market research specialist, Ipsos MORI.
OCR officials developed the pre-audit screening questionnaire to help OCR decide whether entities are "eligible candidates for HIPAA compliance audits.
In contrast, the D&O Questionnaire Review is easy to complete.
Although this questionnaire was done in all dershanes, questions in dershanes close to the movement were different from those asked in other dershanes.
The questionnaire asked me to respond to 28 questions relating to such topics as my work style and work ethic, what I have done in the last year to continue my learning or education, what single word I would use to describe myself, to name my weaknesses and strengths, what motivates me to do my best work, and so on.
The questionnaire was designed to enable buyers of potential suppliers to assess how suitable companies were, the idea being that in having a universal questionnaire, every organisation would be judged in the same way.
The validation study is the last stage in the development of this questionnaire, which is created to allow the medical community to measure the impact of the disease and its treatment on the quality of life of PKU patients and their parents.
This supplement contains the international version of the TEDS-M questionnaires in the following three sections: Section 1: Institutional Program Questionnaire; Section 2: Educator Questionnaire; and Section 3: Future Teacher Questionnaire (Parts A, B, and D).
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