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in a questionable and dubious manner


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Or 99% in English - take your pick But still Wrexham Council has the discriminatory Office of the Welsh Language Commissioner on their backs making questionably reasonable demands under the discriminatory Welsh Language Measure As usual, cost is no object to the taxpayer-funded Welshlanguage industry and it's all money top-sliced from front-line services.
True, they will recoup around half that back once Remy Cabella's transfer to Marseille automatically becomes permanent, but at the moment it still appears to be money questionably spent.
The Internal Revenue Service and Census Bureau compel disclosure of personal data, law enforcement agencies gather it through legal filings and court records, and intelligence operations collect it in ways that are at times questionably legal.
There is some evidence of non-economic--or at least questionably economic--development occurring in the industry, which is a concern for long-term fundamentals," the report said.
Of these questionably sane people, 100 have been chosen as "suitable" after various tests.
The pair moves to a sanitarium in Arizona, where his father receives questionably effective treatment, and limited supervision lets Tom explore his surroundings.
But if you don't fancy a perky little bearded wonder clad in the team's colours you could always treat yourself to a questionably classy AVFC wine hip flask (just PS7.
These conversations were questionably obtained by an employee and leaked to the media, further exposing Emerald and its officers to possible expensive litigation.
and use scrap fiberglass to build a monster atop an old, questionably functional, underwater vessel.
Trudeau is especially mindful of the ongoing sacrifice of America's soldiers in Afghanistan, as exemplified by one strip featuring the questionably ethical Roland Hedley, working as a Fox News reporter in a war zone: "'Not getting what I need .
MSNBC is on cable / Spinning news, weaving yarns and tall fables / With an agenda from Sodom / And ratings rock bottom / They have hosts that are questionably stable.
The life of a circus animal consists of stressful day-to-day travelling, and even apart from that, their showtime performance has been achieved by questionably "humane'' training.
We are looking at 39 persons who acted questionably.
Significant recent case experience includes: successfully assisting a community bank financial institution with recovery and liquidation of a multi-million dollar credit facility; assisting a community bank financial conglomerate with the investigation of a questionably obtained multi-million commercial credit facility; representing a company in a damages case involving property leases and lease options in four different states; successfully recovering embezzled funds for a family owned business; and entry of a $1.