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a written examination

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The question sheet provided in this resource can be used as it is or as a prompt for further questions).
Newcastle North MP Doug Henderson put the question sheet out to quiz his constituents on policing, alcohol sales and school attendance.
Stokesley Local History Group is holding a leisurely walk around the town - with walkers being asked to fill in a question sheet.
Most candidates only got to grips with two of the six problems posed on the question sheet, but Jerome tackled all of them.
The designs will be on display in the South Arcade of the market between 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday until October 10, along with opportunities to comment with question sheets and chalkboards.
Libraries across the borough handed out hundreds of question sheets to mark local history month and to raise awareness of Stockton's history and local library resources.
He directed that strict security arrangements should be made for the supply of answer and question sheets and warned that no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.
A copy of one of the leaked exam question sheets obtained by the Yemen Times.
Each game includes four bottles of wine or whisky, instructions for the host, a CD recording, player question sheets and menu planner.
Question sheets rating cleanliness, value for money, reliability and the standard of information from Central will be distributed at key commuter stations over the next two weeks.
They had information question sheets for children and they were able to take rubbings of some of the artefacts with hieroglyphics.
In a drive to prevent bribery, civil servants will have to fill in question sheets asking if they were bought meals, where they went, what was on the menu - and who paid the bill.
Abdulrazaq Al-Ashwal, the minister of education, told the Yemen Times that the ministry, in coordination with the air force, used helicopters to send question sheets into rural areas in order to reach these areas faster and avoid roadblocks.
Distributed are question sheets designed to help the group understand their unique personality profiles, establishing how we interact with the world, choose the perfect profession and make correct decisions.
This year the ministry provided four different versions of the exam and printed questions inside the notebooks, unlike the previous years where question sheets were used (and taken outside and shared after the end of the test).